GoodTimes GT-ORB1 Bluetooth Sound System

I’m a geek.

I’m always buying gadgets and have previous blog posts to prove it and my bad spending habits!

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As such, I’m always looking for gadgets to make my life easier or to give me information that I may not have otherwise…  Isn’t that what geeks do anyway?

The family and I recently purchased an in-ground pool for our home.   Since construction is finally complete, I have been enjoying my days in the pool.

I have an iPod Touch and have attempted to use an old iHome speaker system to listen to my music or podcasts near the pool (like .NET Rocks, RunAs Radio, etc.)   Dragging out the iHome device and an extension cord to the deck each time I want to use it is a big hassle for me.   Plus I don’t like the idea of mixing electricity with water…. if you know what I mean…

I even have a cool SoundFreaq Bluetooth wireless device that I frequently use in the house… but this too is no better for me outside…

Lucky for me, I ran into the GoodTimes GT-ORB1 Wireless Bluetooth Floating Sound System for Pools, Ponds, or other…

Orb1                   Orb2

I ordered mine from Amazon for $119.

This little device works great and has pretty good sound.  I’ve used it about 4-5 times already for hours without any issues.   The kids even love it because I can play their music when they are playing in the pool as well…

It takes six AA batteries for the Orb.   And another two AA batteries for the docking station.  

This device allows your Bluetooth enabled phone or device to pair directly to the Orb.  If for some reason your device isn’t Bluetooth enabled, it comes with an external docking station that allows you to plug your device directly into it using an RCA cable.   The docking station will then pair to the Orb via Bluetooth.   I’m not using the docking station at this time.

I’ve only had a few cases where the device loses its connection to the Orb, even though its only a few feet away.   It will beep for a sec, then auto-reconnect.  I’m guessing its simply because its up against the pool wall and being blocked slightly…

I’m even using the Orb device for dual purposes.  For example, I frequently place the Orb on the table next to the pool while sitting in the chair to listen to my music and podcast.    And since I bring the Orb device in the house when done, it sits nicely in the kitchen where I frequently use it for listening as well while cooking food or cleaning…

I will forewarn you that my first device came broken from Amazon.   Even though it was packaged fairly well, it must have been dropped in the original box because the Orb was split in half and the screw mounts broken.    I promptly returned it for another…

Now go order your Orb device now!

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2 Responses to GoodTimes GT-ORB1 Bluetooth Sound System

  1. Crystal says:

    I just bought this orb – & it seems to work fine dry (haven’t tried it wet yet) but every few minutes/seconds my music is interrupted by a very annoying series of beeps emitted by the orb. Low battery? (Tho I just put fresh batteries in it) – what could it be?

  2. dmohorn says:

    I usually only have that issue when my batteries are getting low.

    I’m strictly using Bluetooth from my device to the Orb… not using the docking station. I suppose you can try using it to see if it works better… maybe the Bluetooth is a different version or something? May be worth trying!

    Good luck!

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